Metal boobs

The studs and holes are really eye catching, and if teamed with a good fancy waist this has real edge and attitude ;) I don’t think this dress photographs that well, but it's gorgeous ;)

dress - ZARA
belt - sh, DIY
leggins - h&m


Acid washed clothing was a must-have fashion accessory in the late 80s, when both jean pants and jackets were worn together for maximum effect. The most popular choice was navy colored denim jeans. Colors like black, red, gold, purple and teal tried, and even now they are so so so popular ;)
Acid washed jeans were available in many different styles. They came in tapered leg, short lengths and regular. Other eighties fashions for women included zippers up the side, zippers on the back and side peek-a-boos. The holes were covered with bows or other colored material. If you were really feeling edgy, you might opt for holes in your acid washed jeans.
So... check your attic ;)

Yeah, I know.. the whole look, but it rocks!

Pierwszy look, to niemal juz moj look sztandarowy, zainspirowany Paris Fashion Week (03/09) oraz . Zadna to nowosc, gdyz zdjecie znalazlo sie juz na, lookbooku,, itd;)

fringe collar - Cubus
shredded, ripped & studded shorts - DIY Diesel
pcv leggins- Bershka
studded bag- Guess
bracelets- TopSecret

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